Inhibition of hepatitis B virus by D-fraction from Grifola frondosa: Synergistic effect of combination with interferon-α in HepG2 2.2.15


In this study, D-fraction extracted from Grifola frondosa (GF-D) and its combination with human interferon alpha-2b (IFN) were investigated for the inhibitory effect on hepatitis B virus (HBV) in HepG2 2.2.15 cells (2.2.15 cells). HBV DNA and viral antigens were analyzed by a quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and end-point titration in radioimmunoassays, respectively. The results showed that GF-D or IFN alone could inhibit HBV DNA in 2.2.15 cells with the 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) of 0.59 mg/ml and 1399 IU/ml, respectively. We further investigated the combination of GF-D and IFN for anti-HBV activity and found that they synergistically inhibited HBV replication in 2.2.15 cells. In combination with 0.45 mg/ml GF-D, the apparent IC50 value for IFN was 154 IU/ml. This 9-fold increase in antiviral activity of IFN suggested that GF-D could synergize with IFN. These results indicate that GF-D, in combination with IFN, might provide a potentially effective therapy against chronic HBV infections.